Commemorating National Statistics Day 2020, BPS Blora Holds Blood Donation Social Service

Commemorating National Statistics Day 2020, BPS Blora Holds Blood Donation Social Service
BPS Blora Holds Blood Donation Social Service

BLORA - The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of Blora Regency in collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) held a blood donation social service.

The humanitarian activity was held in a series of commemoration of National Statistics Day 2020. Blood donation was held at the BPS Blora office, by implementing health protocols, Friday (9/10/2020).

Head of BPS Blora Regency, Heru Prasetyo, said that this blood donation activity was part of several other activities in the framework of National Statistics Day as a form of concern between people and humanity in an effort to help others, because a drop of donated blood would be very meaningful to them.

"Earlier the results were 11 organic, 3 DWP, 7 statistical partners, Blora 5 Chapter KKCI (Kijang Kapsul Community Indonesia) community, around 6. So the result was 32 bags of blood, " he explained.

He explained that September 26 was National Statistics Day (HSN).

The HSN celebration has the meaning of increasing public awareness of the importance of statistics, increasing public participation in statistics and encouraging statistical actors to continue to carry out statistical activities in accordance with applicable rules.

Heru Prasetyo added that in addition to the social activity of blood donation, there was also the distribution of basic food packages from Dharma Wanita BPS Blora for disadvantaged residents amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Thank you to all those who have supported the smooth running of this activity, hopefully this contribution will become a charity for worship for the donors, " he added.

The blood donation social service besides being attended by BPS staff, Dharma Wanita, related OPDs, the general public and KKCI as well as media reporters.

"I am grateful to be able to donate blood, hopefully it can be useful for others, " said Bayu Singgih, an officer of the Infoku tabloid.

Similar remarks were conveyed by the Blora postal memo online media reporter, Sumardi. "Hopefully this will motivate you to care for others, especially during this pandemic, " he said. (***)