The Ministry of Trade Releases 16.65 Tons of Coffee to Australia

The Ministry of Trade Releases 16.65 Tons of Coffee to Australia

JAKARTA - Director General of National Export Development of the Ministry of Trade, Kasan, said that his party fully supports the development of coffee exports, particularly from West Java to the world.

This was conveyed by Kasan when representing the Minister of Trade to release the export of 16.65 tons of Java Preanger Jlasio Arabica coffee worth IDR 1.34 billion by CV. Frinsa Agrolestari to Australia in Bandung, West Java.

The release of coffee exports was led by the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, and attended by the Head of the West Java Provincial Industry and Trade Office, M. Arifin Soendjayana; Head of the West Java Provincial Plantation Office, Hendy Jatnika; The Head of the Ministry of Trade's Trade Research and Development Agency, Oke Nurwan; The Director of Export Product Development (PPE) of the Ministry of Trade, Olvy Andrianita; as well as CV. Frinsa Agrolestari.

"The momentum of releasing the export of value-added products is at the same time a concrete form of the government and business people to continue to strive to maintain a balanced trade balance. It is hoped that business people will continue to innovate and take advantage of market opportunities at home and abroad, ”said Kasan in a press release, Saturday (10/10/2020).

The Ministry of Trade highly appreciates CV. Frinsa Agrolestari which continues to support and promote the welfare of partner coffee farmers in West Java in a sustainable manner. Apart from the Australian market, in 2020 CV. Frinsa Agrolestari also received an export contract of 5 containers to the United States, 2 containers to Belgium, and 1 container to Russia.

"I personally had the opportunity to visit CV. Frinsa Agrolestari's processing factory in Pangalengan on August 29, 2020 and try the best West Java specialty coffee flavors and other Indonesian coffee. It is not impossible for CV. Frinsa Agrolestari to expand its market access, " said Kasan.

Director of PPE Olvy added, in order to expand the Indonesian export market, the Ministry of Trade is committed to facilitating export players through trade representatives in various countries, including Australia.

"The Ministry of Trade will continue to support business actors to increase their exports. It is hoped that good synergies will continue to exist to get through the difficult times of this pandemic and increase exports in order to move the wheels of Indonesia's economy and trade, "said Olvy.

Meanwhile, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil stated that Indonesian coffee, especially the Arabica type from West Java, is in great demand in the international market because it has a distinctive taste.

This is an added value for the image of our coffee in the international market, so we must protect it and promote it more intensively.

"The export of coffee to Australia as much as 16.65 kg worth Rp1.34 billion can be used as a stimulus for the revival of West Java business actors in order to restore the people's economy, " said Ridwan.

On the same occasion, Head of the West Java Provincial Plantation Office Hendy Jatnika revealed that the export of coffee to Australia was a follow-up to the visit of the West Java Provincial Government's trade mission to Australia, one of which also promoted West Java coffee.

"This incident is an important momentum for the return of the plantation sub-sector to become the prima donna and trademark of the West Java economy. Through transformation and technological innovation, it is hoped that coffee commodities can increase productivity and quality, " explained Hendy.

Based on BPS data, Indonesia's coffee trade balance in the period January - July 2020, both coffee beans and processed coffee experienced a surplus of USD 670.03 million. This achievement made Indonesia the 7th largest coffee exporter in the world with an export share of 4.05 percent in 2019 after Brazil (14.02 percent), Germany (8.74 percent), Vietnam (7.80 percent), Switzerland ( 7.33 percent), Colombia (7.13 percent), and Italy (4.88 percent).

West Java has the potential and opportunities to increase coffee exports. West Java coffee exports for the January-July 2020 period were recorded at USD 3.26 million or an increase of 35.20 percent compared to the same period in 2019 which was recorded at USD 2.41 million. Currently, West Java ranks 8th as a province that has Indonesia's main coffee exports with an export share of 0.44 percent, after Banten (32.08 percent), Lampung (22.98 percent), North Sumatra (22 percent ), East Java (13.01 percent), and Aceh (7.12 percent). (***)